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Jing Ci didn’t understand his meaning, he just felt that his expression was a bit wrong, but for a while, he still couldn’t understand what was wrong, so he nodded stupidly: “Yes, it’s missing a centimeter.”

Ying Jiao couldn’t help but laugh.

Jing Ci glanced at the scale again inexplicably. Is his height and weight so funny?

Ying Jiao leaned over and whispered a few words against his ear. Jing Ci’s face turned red in an instant, he couldn’t help jumping away from the scale instrument, and he seemed to have to go to the study to escape.


Ying Jiao put one hand in his pocket and followed him slowly. When he saw him lowering his head as if he wanted to nest himself in like a partridge, he sat next to him and touched his arm: “Tell me the problem?”

(T/n: partridge is a cute fluffy bird)

Ying Jiao has a good understanding of Jing Ci, and knows best how to reassure him after teasing. Sure enough, after he said these words, Jing Ci immediately raised his head, resisting the embarrassment and said, “Which question?”

Ying Jiao smiled and opened the exercise book.

He didn’t lie to Jing Ci. When he was doing the paper in the afternoon, he encountered several questions that he did not know how to do. At that time, Jing Ci was concentrating on the questions, so he didn’t want to bother him. He has saved a lot of questions now.

Focusing on the questions, most of Jing Ci’s embarrassment disappeared. He did the calculations on the separate sheet and raised his head towards Ying Jiao: “In the front of this question, is all the basic knowledge of the problem. Instrument A is a condenser, and the entrance of the water pouring into instrument A is B. Are you asking about the small question on the back?”

Ying Jiao’s expression also became serious, and he hummed: “The fourth and fifth questions.”

Jing Ci nodded and said that he knew, “Come and take a look. The fourth question is to ask for the sulfur dioxide content in wine…”

The two of them, one talking, and one remembering, and soon Ying Jiao quickly dealt with the problems cleanly.

“Ok.” Ying Jiao habitually jotted down a few difficult points in his notes, planning to review them again every few days. He took out a blank paper from his school bag and spread it on the table while chuckling and said, “What can I do without you.”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and pursed his lower lip, feeling a little sweet in his heart.

He had finished his homework, so he watched the Mathematical Olympiad while staying with Ying Jiao.

By half past nine, Ying Jiao still had a set of math papers and a set of English papers left.

Jing Ci looked at the time, and when Ying Jiao stopped his pen and stretched his fingers, he said to him: “I have to go back.”

“What are you going to do?” Ying Jiao glanced at him: “Stay in my house tonight.”

Jing Ci was taken aback, and he subconsciously refused: “No, I…”

Ying Jiao interrupted him and insidiously induced: “You have to check your score tomorrow morning, it is not convenient to go home. I have a good internet speed, and no one will grab the computer from you.”


Ying Jiao is right. The Jing family does not have a study room, and the computer is in the master bedroom. Jing Ci has never touched it yet, but—

“I can check with my mobile phone.”

Ying Jiao sneered: “Bullshit, many people will check scores by then. Your mobile phone is faster than a computer?”

Jing Ci said silently, after a few seconds, “It’s okay, I’ll check it later.”

Why are you so stubborn?

Ying Jiao helplessly said: “What’s wrong with staying at my house for one night? No one else, just the two of us. Are you embarrassed? We two haven’t slept together.” He paused, and added: “Or do you like going home?”

Jing Ci was silent, even if he wanted to find an excuse to refuse to, he couldn’t say that he liked to return to the Jing family house.

“That’s enough.” Ying Jiao stretched out a hand to him: “Give me the phone.”

Jing Ci was stunned: “What do you want to do?”

“Call your home and say it.” Ying Jiao smiled: “I’ll do it.”

Jing Ci still hesitated, he had never stayed over in someone else’s house. Especially a person like Ying Jiao, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

“The day after tomorrow is the New Year,” Ying Jiao leaned back in his chair, looked into his eyes, and whispered, “Just think of it as accompanying me for a new year in advance, okay?”

Jing Ci hadn’t thought of this until Ying Jiao mentioned it. He is not only alone, but the same is true of Ying Jiao.

Suddenly, Jing Ci felt that he was a little hypocritical, but he actually liked staying with Ying Jiao very much.

Just because he was nervous for no reason, he blindly refused Ying Jiao, and forcibly said such weak words…

Thinking of Ying Jiao spending the holidays alone at home, Jing Ci’s chest becomes uncomfortable.


He took out his cell phone, found father Jing’s number and dialed it, and finally let go: “Okay.”

As soon as the phone was connected, Jing Ci hadn’t had the chance to speak, when father Jing reprimanded: “Do you still know to call me? I thought you were dead outside?! Get me back quickly! For the whole night, the whole family is waiting to open the door for you without sleeping…”

Ying Jiao was right next to Jing Ci, and father Jing curses passed through the handset of the phone clearly into his ears.

He took a deep breath and couldn’t listen anymore. He removed the phone from Jing Ci’s ear, turned it on speaker, and said indifferently: “Who are you? If you can’t speak properly then shut up. If you can’t close it, you can eat sh*it.”

When Father Jing heard that his voice was wrong, he was stunned. He took the phone away and looked at the screen. That’s right, it was indeed Jing Ci’s name.

He was so confused that he forgot to be scolded: “You…”

“What are you? Give dad another try?” Ying Jiao interrupted him, and said coldly: “I gave you a face, right?”

“No…Who are you?” After being scolded continuously, father Jing was also angry: “Is this phone yours? Where is Jing Ci?”

“Oh, that’s correct,” Ying Jiao apologized insincerely: “I’m sorry, I’m Jing Ci’s classmate. I thought I accidentally called Jing Ci’s enemy, with what you said.”

Father Jing was angry and embarrassed, and he was not Ying Jiao’s opponent. After holding back for a long time, he said with an anger, “You have something to do with me?”

“Tell you, Jing Ci will stay in my house for the holiday.” Ying Jiao pressed his left hand gently on the top of Jing Ci’s head, and smiled inexplicably: “You can sleep at any time, you don’t need to leave the door open for him.”

Father Jing had a thick face. After being ridiculed by him, he suddenly felt like he was slapped in the face, so hot and painful. Without even asking for Ying Jiao’s name, he answered vaguely and hung up the phone.


Ying Jiao stared at the phone screen for a while, then turned to Jing Ci: “That old…your dad always has this attitude toward you?”

Jing Ci was still immersed in his sudden operation, and nodded in a daze.

“F*ck.” Ying Jiao threw the phone on the bed, and the three-pointer in his heart suddenly turned into seven-pointers.

He likes this person so much, and can’t wait to hold him in the palms of his hands, but he(JC) was always insulted and scolded by others in places he doesn’t know. Ying Jiao felt angry and painful, and couldn’t help but burst into a swear word: “Just like this, you go home get this in return. Just stay here honestly, you hear me?”

Ying Jiao’s tone was not good, even a little hostile, but Jing Ci was a little happy and didn’t know why.

He secretly pressed the corners of his curled lips, and nodded gently for a while.

Jing Ci only brought a school bag, and didn’t have any daily stuff with him. Fortunately, this was not a problem for Ying Jiao, the toothbrushes are changed frequently, there are new ones at home, only the change of clothes——

“Would you mind wearing mine?” Ying Jiao turned his head and saw Jing Ci follow behind him obediently, his heart softened, and his voice softened: “It’s not new, but it’s cleaned.”

Jing Ci shook his head: “Don’t mind.”

Ying Jiao opened the cabinet and found a set of dark blue cotton pajamas and handed it to Jing Ci: “Go take a shower, you have used the bathroom before, everything is in the same place.”

Jing Ci took it, and just wanted to thank him, Ying Jiao said again: “Underpants, do you wear mine or disposable ones?”

Jing Ci looked down, unnaturally and said: “Disposable ones.”

“Okay.” Ying Jiao rummaged in the drawer, found the pack of disposable underwear they bought when they went to the small hotel last time, took one out, and said thoughtfully, “it shouldn’t fit very well, otherwise I’ll go downstairs and buy another bag…”

“No need!” Jing Ci resisted the heat on his face, and snatched the underwear. He didn’t know what he was talking about anymore: “It’s very, very suitable, just right.”

Ying Jiao glanced at him with a faint smile: “Okay, you say it’s just right.”

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief: “Then I’ll go wash it.”

Ying Jiao let out a hum, when Jing Ci turned around, he suddenly stopped as if he was thinking of something.

“Wait, there’s one more thing.”

Jing Ci was puzzled: “What?”


“Come out immediately after washing,” Ying Jiao looked into his eyes, with a tone of joking and seriousness: “If you dare to clean things up again…”

He slowly raised his lips, and said every word: “I don’t mind washing with you, staring at you all the time.”

Taking a bath with Ying Jiao…

Just thinking about it, Jing Ci felt that his whole person was about to burn. He nodded indiscriminately, walked into the bathroom pretending to be calm, and closed the door tightly.

While recalling Jing Ci’s embarrassed expression, Ying Jiao walked into the study and continued to work on some questions.

When he finished writing one third of his English paper, Jing Ci came out.

Hearing footsteps, Ying Jiao stopped his pen, raised his eyes and looked over.

Ying Jiao’s heart jumped heavily, and he suddenly understood why the men on the Internet were so keen to let the other half wear their own clothes.

Jing Ci was tall and thin, and his pajamas were big on him, obviously one size bigger. It is not baggy, but has a different kind of temptation.

Ying Jiao’s gaze moved from his button to the top button, to his exposed white neck, and then to the face that had no expression but was slightly flushed by the hot water…

Ying Jiao’s throat tightened, and his body suddenly tightened.

But Jing Ci was still ignorant, and even walked towards him: “I’m done, you go.”

Ying Jiao clenched his fists, looked away restrainedly, and said in a low voice: “Is the ground not cleaned up?”

Jing Ci nodded in embarrassment, “No.”

“Ah,” Ying Jiao cleared his throat and stood up: “Then I will go.”

Jing Ci gave a hum, and walked around him and wanted to sit on a chair.


But the pajamas were looser than his normal clothes, and he was wearing a size one size bigger, so he accidentally stepped on the trouser pants. Just as Jing Ci wanted to lift his pants up, Ying Jiao suddenly squatted down in front of him.

Jing Ci was surprised: “What are you…what?”

“Don’t move.” Ying Jiao stretched out his hand and helped him pull up his trouser legs little by little: “Be careful of falling. Next time you have to prepare a few more sets of your clothes at home.”

Regarding Jing Ci’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, Ying Jiao tried to make every fold the same width. When both trouser legs were rolled up, he raised his head and smiled at Jing Ci, and said softly: “Come and have a look, did I do it right?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and met his smiling eyes, his heartbeat suddenly stalled.

He suddenly felt that the best thing in his two lives was not getting a perfect score on a test, nor was getting first place again and again, but meeting this person.

Jing Ci was once most afraid of being intimate with others, his parents who were related by blood could abandon him ruthlessly, so let alone others. People who are good with you today might turn their heads and become good friends with others.

Rather than endure this pain, it is better to be alone in the beginning.

But now he suddenly didn’t want to be like this. He didn’t care about any plot or possible alienation in the future.

He just wanted to open his heart and try to accept Ying Jiao. Even if… even if one day he will dislike him and alienate him like everyone else.

“Symmetrical.” Jing Ci’s voice was a little dumb, his eyelashes trembled, and he said seriously: “Extremely symmetrical.”

“That’s good.” Ying Jiao smiled, stood up, and rubbed his head smoothly: “I’m going to take a bath.”

After Ying Jiao washed up, it was still early, so he finished writing his English paper, and then went to bed with Jing Ci.


There is only one bedroom at home, and of course also one bed. When Ying Jiao suggested that the two of them should sleep on the same quilt, Jing Ci did not refuse, but his face still flushed and said, “I can do it.”

Ying Jiao looked at his slender and thick eyelashes, and really wanted to hold him in his arms and kiss and rub them.

Why is Jing Ci so cute, so cute that he doesn’t know how to not like him.

The 1.8-meter bed is more than enough for two boys to sleep in. Ying Jiao pushed the quilt toward Jing Ci, watched him tuck the quilt, desperately restrained the urge to kiss him, and said softly: “Go to sleep, I will turn off the lights.”

Jing Ci’s heart beat so fast that he could hardly speak, and only nodded.

The bedside lamp flicked off, and the room plunged into darkness, and neither of them moved.

Jing Ci curled up in the quilt, trying to make his breathing more stable. It wasn’t until his heartbeat gradually calmed down that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Darkness is the best umbrella. Taking the opportunity of turning over, Jing Ci moved quietly and slightly towards Ying Jiao.

Although he was still a little shy, he still couldn’t let go. But because of the person beside him, although he slept on a strange bed for the first time, he felt warm and at ease.

Jing Ci’s biological clock is always on time, and after relaxing, he soon fell asleep.

On the contrary, Ying Jiao was still awake.

Even if he usually speaks a lot of nonsense at times, he is still just a young man in love at the moment.

The person he likes is laying next to him, wearing his pajamas, pillowing his pillow, and covering his quilt, and the joy in Ying Jiao’s heart jumps up uncontrollably.

He wants to jump twice, he wants to roll on the bed, he even wants to go downstairs and run a few laps.


But he was scared of frightening Jing Ci, and he didn’t dare to even move.

He didn’t know how long he was staring at the ceiling for, until Jing Ci’s even breathing sound came from his ears, and Ying Jiao raised his lips gently.

He is so happy. It is self-evident that a defensive person like Jing Ci can accept to stay at his home and be covered in the same quilt as him.

He is different in Jing Ci’s heart.

The more Ying Jiao thought about this, the more excited he became, but he couldn’t find a way to vent. In the end, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and stretched his claws towards his phone on the bedside table.

Who do you want to mess with when you are alone…

Ying Jiao opened WeChat and clicked on the small chat group.

[Jiao]: Are you all asleep?

It was just after eleven o’clock, and they finally had a break, so the other three were not willing to sleep. Seeing the new message, thinking that there is something wrong with Ying Jiao, one after another responded to him.

[Uncle He]: Didn’t sleep, what’s wrong?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Not sleeping, wow, brother Jiao, your house is super comfortable!

[Peng Chengcheng]:?

Ying Jiao leaned on the bed, glanced at Jing Ci, who was sleeping soundly next to him, raised his phone, and took a photo of the slightly bulging quilt.


The flash came on with a click, and Ying Jiao was taken aback. Seeing Jing Ci sleeping well without being disturbed, he breathed a sigh of relief and sent the photo to the group.

[Jiao]: [Photo]

[Uncle He]: What is this? I can not see.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Quilt? What are you doing with the quilt?

[Peng Chengcheng]:? ? ?

[Jiao]: Blind? Can’t even see Jing Ci?

[Jiai]: He wears my pajamas, stays in my house, and shares the quilt with me tonight. After explaining it like this, do you understand?

[Uncle He]: No, are we blind or are you sick? Who can tell that Jing Ci is inside that quilt? Are we supposed to have clairvoyance?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: No, no, no! Ho! The main point is wrong! ! Why would Jing Ci be in bed with Brother Jiao? ? ! why? !

【Peng Chengcheng】:…

[Jiao]: You still want me to show Jing Ci’s face without the quilt? Without sleeping, you began to dream.

[Jiao]: What’s wrong with Jing Ci sleeping in my bed? Old Liu has admitted to our relationship, do you have any comments?

[Uncle He]: Get out of here! ! ! ! ! !

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Suddenly sympathize with Old Liu… Forget it, just be happy.

[Jiai]: Of course I am happy, so happy I can sleep with Jing Ci. Come on, quickly find yourself a person to fight off your loneliness and coldness.

[Uncle He]:…

[Zheng Que is incorrect]:…

【Peng Chengcheng】:……

After showing off in the group, Ying Jiao finally eased his excitement a little bit, put down his phone, moved towards Jing Ci shamelessly, and fell asleep.


The next morning, because Jing Ci wanted to check his grades, Ying Jiao didn’t stay in bed for the first time, so he got up with him after six o’clock. While working on papers, he waited until eight o’clock.

At 7:50, Ying Jiao put down his pen and said to Jing, “Give me your ID card and admission ticket, and I’ll check it for you.”

Jing Ci nodded, took out his ID and handed it to him.

Not many people participated in the competition in Donghai Province, and of course not many people checked their results. But the official website is like this, it will be stuck at a critical moment.

Ying Jiao refreshed it several times, and even entered his ID number three or four times, and almost dropped the mouse, only to get Jing Ci’s score.

First try: 101

Second try: 125.

Total score: 226.

Donghai Province has the highest score since participating in the National Mathematics Competition.

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Ying Jiao: when I am lonely, who do I want to mess with…

He Zhou, Zheng Que, Peng Chengcheng trembled.

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