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The fourth quarter of class 7 was a chemistry class. Teacher Wang had just been talking in front of the board for 20 minutes when there was a knock on the classroom door. Teacher Wang turned around and saw that it was Teacher Liu.

He put down the book and asked doubtfully, “Old Liu, do you need something?”

“I’m sorry, I came to find a student.” Teacher Liu stood at the door, nodded to Teacher Wang, and then said with a dark face: “Ying Jiao, come out for me!”

Ying Jiao put down his pen, frowned impatiently, and walked out in a hurry under the watchful eyes of the whole class.


“What’s the matter with you?” As soon as the door was closed, Teacher Liu couldn’t hold back his fire. He patted the window sill in the corridor and roared, “What’s the matter with you running to Class 11?! Where did Qiao Anyan offend you? Was it worth it to be so ruthless?!”

Ying Jiao said casually, “I don’t like him.”

Teacher Liu was so angry that he almost fell to his knees and sneered: “If you don’t like him, you will hit him? Can others come and hit you if they don’t like you?!”

“Okay,” Ying Jiao smiled indifferently: “If they can beat me, they can come.”

“You…” Teacher Liu almost spit out a mouthful of old blood from the choking, and he took a deep breath before continuing: “Okay, what’s wrong with you? You two…”

Teacher Liu thought of the love letter that Qiao Anyan had sent Ying Jiao before, paused, and asked embarrassedly: “He… is he pestering you again?”

“No.” Ying Jiao laughed: “I didn’t think he was too disgusting, I was afraid that he would be scolded, so I knocked him out first.”

Teacher Liu:”……”

Teacher Liu angrily slapped him: “Speak normal!”

“It’s fine.” Ying Jiao looked down at his right hand, and said lightly, “I will pay for the damage, he can live in the VIP ward three hundred and sixty-five days a year.”

Teacher Liu frowned and looked Ying Jiao up and down.

Ying Jiao is not an unreasonable student. In fact, he is quite at ease with Ying Jiao.

This student spoke out of tune, but he was very measured in his heart.

Since entering the school, although he has caused a lot of troubles, they are all harmless. Except for the time when he hit the teacher for no reason, this was the first time he had attacked an ordinary student for no reason.


Teacher Liu didn’t think it was right, but Ying Jiao didn’t want to say, so he couldn’t ask at all.

Call a parent? Then it would be a lifetime of not knowing the reason.

Teacher Liu had a headache: “Can’t you give the teacher an accurate answer? Why?”

Ying Jiao continued to say: “I really don’t like him.”

Teacher Liu was extremely angry and stopped talking nonsense to him: “Okay! Then you go back and write a review for me! Eight hundred… no! Write me fifteen thousand this time! If you can’t write it, rewrite it until it is finished!”

“Okay.” Ying Jiao responded simply, seeing Teacher Liu’s hesitation on his face, he asked, “Is there anything else?”

“You…” Teacher Liu sighed and thought about the words in his heart before saying, “I think you have worked hard during this time, don’t ruin your future for a small matter.”

Teacher Liu was really worried, and it was hard to see this when Ying Jiao had made progress. What if this is because of Qiao Anyan and then he would go back to how he was before(YJ)?

“Don’t worry.” Ying Jiao chuckled, “I won’t.”

He also has to accompany his classmates to the best university.

“It better.” Teacher Liu gave him a warning look, and without saying more, let him go back to the classroom.

Jing Ci didn’t know what was going on at school. After the opening ceremony in the morning was over, and after watching the examination room again, he and Zhou Chao followed Zhao Feng to the free exchange meeting in the afternoon.


All major schools have made roll-up banners for publicity, and they are placed in rows in the conference hall, which looks very formal.

“If only my grades were better,” Zhou Chao looked at the contestants who were communicating with several college teachers, and said with envy: “They are also booked by famous schools, right?”

Jing Ci found a seat and sat down, took out a pen and paper, and said the truth: “You can get into these schools even if you don’t participate in the competition.”

Zhou Chao was immediately happy when he heard the words: “Brother Ci, I love hearing what you said, hahahaha.”

He sat down next to Jing Ci and asked him, “Brother Ci, which school do you want to go to?”

Jing Ci did not hesitate at all, and said directly: “Peking University.”

“Peking University?” Zhou Chao was stunned for a moment: “Not Tsinghua?”

Many people in the provincial experimental mathematics competition class aimed at Tsinghua University. He thought that the same was true for Jing Ci, but he did not expect Jing Ci to mention Peking University.

Jing Ci shook his head.

“What about the major?”


“You really like mathematics,” Zhou Chao sighed. “Unlike me, I just want to use mathematics as a stepping stone and go to Tsinghua University of Materials Science.”

After Zhou Chao finished speaking, he was happy: “Do you think I’ve used up the original partner and dumped the original partner to find Bai Yueguang’s Phoenix Man?”

Jing Ci was amused by his metaphor, not to mention, it was quite similar.

“But…” Zhou Chao glanced at the pen and paper in his hand with some doubts: “You have already determined the school and major, so what are you taking notes?”

Jing Ci smiled and said nothing.


He can’t use it, but Ying Jiao can. He doesn’t know which school or major he wants to go to, but it’s always best to write down what he hears. It’s better to know it yourself than to hear it.

Jing Ci and Zhou Chao just listened to it for a while when Zhao Feng brought a few people over: “Come on, let me introduce you, this is the teacher and contestant from Jiang Province.”

Jiang Province, like Donghai Province, is a weak province in competition, and there will never be more than three players in the finals every year.

Jing Ci and Zhou Chao got up and said hello.

“Old Zhao, you guys are doing well this year.” The teacher from Jiang Province, surnamed Li, is a middle-aged man in his fifties, with a plump appearance and a good temper: “Twice as many as last year, hahahaha. “

He pointed to the two students behind him, and said to Jing Ci and Zhou Chao, “This is a player from our province.”

“So it is.”

After a few people got to know each other, Zhao Feng pushed Jing Ci forward a little and said happily: “Jing Ci has the highest score in this year’s competition in our province, 226.”

When publicizing the results on the official website, it will only write a series of information such as the name of the school and the awards, and will not publish the scores together. Therefore, this is the first time Teacher Li has heard about Jing Ci’s results.

He glanced at Jing Ci in surprise: “This classmate is very good, it seems that the national training team can also look forward to it.”

Zhao Feng was waiting for these words. Hearing this, his mouth was grinning from ear to ear, but he still pretended to be modest: “How can that be, we will talk about it when the results come out, hahaha.”

The conference hall is so big, there are so many people, there is no free space at all, and everyone is huddled together.


By coincidence, there were several people from provinces with good competition results standing next to Zhao Feng.

One is Xihe Province and the other is Beidou Province.

Although the results of these two provinces are not top-notch, one or two players can enter the national training team every year.

Hearing the conversation between Zhao Feng and Teacher Li, a group of people looked over, surprised by their boasting.

Who doesn’t know the achievements of Donghai Province and Jiang Province in the whole country? For thousands of years, Wannian’s crane tail has never had a player participate in the national training team. It would be fine if it were really a remote province where educational resources could not keep up, but neither of these two provinces are.

(T/n: I’m not sure what ‘Wannian’s crane tail’ means…)

With Volume(provinces?) A, and even with Volume B the results are not as good as other provinces. Where does the confidence come from when looking forward to the national training team.

A proud and arrogant teacher couldn’t help whispering to the people next to him: “Did Donghai Province get stimulated?”

Another teacher did a lot of homework in advance, and even knew about Jing Ci, and replied: “The highest score in their province this year is 226.”

The first teacher was stunned for a moment, and then said: “No wonder. This result is quite good, but unfortunately it is in Donghai Province. It is estimated that they have no experience being in a national training team. It would be too difficult to join.”

The other teacher nodded in agreement: “No, the leader of the Donghai province has no idea.”

The two teachers are very popular. When communicating with others, they accidentally said this as a joke.

One by one, it became like this in the end: the team leader of the Donghai Province said that their player from their province will definitely join the national training team this year.


Not only the contestants, but even the reporters accompanying them knew it.

“They have never had a player in the national training, did they become obsessed?”

“Probably…it’s pretty pitiful to think about.”

“Not necessarily. Didn’t the guy named Jing Ci get 226?”

“What’s wrong with 226? Putting those few strong provinces aside will be able to make it to the provincial level. It’s just that no one in Donghai Province has ever taken such a high score, so they think this score is stable.”

“The Donghai Province probably laughed to death, but that Jing Ci is really powerful that they can get 226.”

“Don’t laugh at Donghai Province, it is estimated that they have been severely suppressed. This time they finally got 226. It is normal to be happy. Then they will be taught by the results in the next few days.”

For more serious events like this, most of the news written is the same, and there is nothing particularly eye-catching.

The reporters originally thought that this year they could only repost last year’s press release, but they didn’t expect such a surprise. They secretly held back their big move, and planned to rely on Donghai Province to earn hits this year.

Zhao Feng never imagined this would happen, and couldn’t hold back his stammer for a while, and he ended up with such a result.

He was so angry that his neck was red: “When did I say that? These people are so full of nonsense that they have nothing to do!”

Zhao Feng was unlucky.

No matter what the occasion, gossip will always spread the most fierce and fastest.

In the past, he didn’t pay attention, and even listened to funny things and would follow along, but this year, he became a gossip.

Zhao Feng regretted, and was afraid of causing any psychological pressure to Jing Ci. He wanted to come and talk to him, but he was worried that he knew nothing. But what if mentioning it Jing Ci would make him nervous.

He didn’t sleep well all night.

As the protagonist of the gossip, Jing Ci was not at all concerned with the rumors. What should he do? Even when Zhou Chao was nervous and ran out to call his mother, he was still in the mood to send WeChat to Ying Jiao and concerned about his learning progress.


Jing Ci was not sure whether he could join the training team, but he never cared about other people’s opinions.

Being able to get in is a demonstration of your previous learning achievements, and failing to get in shows that your hard work is not enough.

His mood is very stable.

Ying Jiao endured not contacting Jing Ci all day, not because he didn’t want to, but because the exam was imminent, he was afraid of disturbing Jing Ci, but it was different when Jing Ci took the initiative to send him a message.

Thinking that WeChat chat was slow, Ying Jiao called directly: “You have free time?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci leaned against the head of the bed, and his expressionless face instantly softened.

“Does it start at eight tomorrow morning?”

Jing Ci nodded: “The exam time for (next?)two days is from 8:00 to 12:30.” He paused and added in a low voice: “After the exam… I will go back after the exam.”

Zhao Feng just told them that after the exam the next morning, they would check out and leave, instead of waiting for the results to come out.

Ying Jiao’s heart moved: “You miss me?”

Jing Ci’s cheeks were a little hot, his eyelashes trembled, and he changed the subject bluntly: “Have you… finished the physics paper?”


If this was like before, Ying Jiao would use a hundred ways to force him to say that word. But tomorrow was the exam, and he didn’t want Jing Ci to be distracted.

Ying Jiao chuckled and followed him: “Don’t worry, I can’t fail to complete the task you assigned.”

He glanced at the time and asked Jing Ci, “When will you go to bed tonight?”

“Eleven o’clock.”

Ying Jiao couldn’t help laughing, it really is Jing Ci’s style, even if tomorrow is an important exam, his obsessive-compulsive disorder must go to bed at a fixed time.

He threw the wet towel in his hand aside, lifted the quilt and went to bed: “Me too, let’s sleep together? Are you in bed now?”

It was a normal conversation, but when Ying Jiao asked him this, he felt inexplicably ashamed.

Jing Ci lowered the temperature of the air conditioner by two degrees, and hummed almost imperceptibly.

“I’m in bed too.” Ying Jiao sighed into the microphone: “Unfortunately it’s not a bed.”

(T/n: lmao so is YJ saying that it’s not a bed without JC in it?~)

Jing Ci lowered his eyes, his heartbeat was a little fast, just as he was about to say something, Zhou Chao opened the door and came in.

“Brother Ci, you… ah, you’re on the phone, I’m sorry.” Zhou Chao made an apologetic gesture at him and jumped onto the bed.


“Zhou Chao is back?” Ying Jiao still had a few words in his heart, but he restrained: “Go to sleep, come on tomorrow, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

“Good night.”

That night, Jing Ci slept well.

The next morning, he got up and entered the examination room full of energy.

At the same time, at the end of the first self-study class, Ying Jiao went directly to Class 11 to pull Qiao Anyan out, and was very familiar with knocking him out.

So, after a full four and a half hours of the exam, Jing Ci’s thoughts were clear, his mind was calm, he didn’t even have a headache, and he finished his paper smoothly.

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