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After the first test, hundreds of people left the exam room at the same time. It took Jing Ci a while to squeeze out of the crowd and get on the No. 17 bus that brought them here in the morning.

His examination room was far away, so he arrived at the latest. When they got in the car, Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong were already seated.

Jiang Chong didn’t seem to be doing well in the exams. He held his school bag with a very bad expression, and lowered his head and said nothing.

Zhou Chao wasn’t much better either, but his ability to withstand pressure was stronger than Jiang Chong’s. Seeing Jing Ci come, he stood up and waved at him: “Brother Ci, here!”


Jing Ck walked to him and sat down, Zhao Feng handed over a bottle of water from the side: “Drink some.”

There were a lot of people in the bus, so Zhao Feng didn’t ask anything after yesterday’s experience.

Jing Ci thanked him, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a few sips, feeling much more comfortable. He didn’t drink water for more than four hours, and his throat was smoking.

In previous years, the competition examination was not so strict. Later, it became common to cheat. Sometimes, before the candidates entered the examination room, there were people selling the answers outside.

Relevant departments took action to rectify, and also strengthened their behavior in the examination room. No matter whether there are words on the bottle or not, it is not allowed to enter.

After everyone arrived, the driver started the car and drove towards the hotel.

The engine of the bus is very loud, and people in other provinces were discussing the exam just now. If two people sitting next to each other speak in a low voice, the people across the aisle will definitely not be able to hear them.

Zhou Chao glanced at Zhao Feng’s direction, leaned over and said to Jing Ci, “Brother Ci, how was your exam?”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly pulled down Jing Ci’s arm secretly from the bottom: “Speak softly.”

Jing Ci thought for a while, and said calmly: “Everything that will be done has been done.”


Zhou Chao said with a bitter face: “I don’t have enough time at all! This time I really screwed up. Not to mention the silver medal, the bronze medal is enough.”

“Don’t think too much.” Jing Ci comforted him: “There will be a second test tomorrow.”

Zhou Chao was dejected: “Really, I don’t even want to take the second test.”

In the last Mathematical Olympiad competition, Zhou Chao wanted to do his best on the exam, but who knew that he would become a little silly after seeing the questions. In the examination room, his mentality collapsed while he was thinking. The moment he saw Jing Ci, he couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he began to pour out his bitterness.

“Why are the questions so difficult this year? I thought the questions would be easier after canceling the extra points for the Olympiad Mathematical Exam.”

In winter camp, luck still plays a part. There are often gold medal winners from the previous session, but their grades drop off a cliff when they re-enter the next session, because they have encountered problems that they are really not good at.

Jing Ci didn’t know how to console him. He thought about it before saying, “You didn’t feel good in the last provincial preliminaries, but your final score was quite high.”

Zhou Chao stayed still for a while: “Yes.”

That similar situation from last time made Zhou Chao feel a lot better, maybe he should suppress it first and raise it(his results?)

“Let’s not discuss the questions, we will wait until the second exam is over.”

Zhou Chao nodded: “I listen to you.”

After finally grabbing a life-saving straw, Zhou Chao didn’t dare to think about it any longer, and quickly took out his mobile phone to divert his attention, but the more he looked, the bigger his eyes became.

“Fuck, Brother Ci! What do you think this is all about?!” The good boy(Zhou Chao) couldn’t help but utter in a foul language.

Jing Ci glanced at the screen of his mobile phone and was a little stunned.


Zhou Chao searched for the information of this mathematics winter camp. The results displayed on the webpage were still in the normal style in the front, but the more they looked on, the more wrong it was.

[The first day of the National Mathematics Finals ended, and the leader of Donghai Province actually said such big words…]

[The leader of the Donghai Province said frankly that the players from this province will definitely enter the national training team this year. Whether they are talking nonsense or are ready? Let’s us wait and see. 】

[On-the-spot report of mathematics winter camp, Donghai Province may become the first dark horse this year? 】

[The most difficult math competition in China, can Donghai Province successfully counterattack and wash away the humiliation from previous competitions? 】


Although only a small number of people paid attention to math competitions, these people know about the competition very well.


Zhou Chao couldn’t help but click into a relatively large new media website, and suddenly a bunch of comments appeared——

【? ? ? Is the team leader of Donghai Province crazy? 】

[Is 226 very high? I don’t think so, who gave Donghai Province the confidence to be the leader of the team that the one named Jing Ci will definitely join the national training team? 】

[No, did I remember wrong? Isn’t Donghai Province the province where no one has ever entered the national training team? 】

[You are right, they are floating. 】

【Jing Ci? Haven’t heard of….is it some kind of god? 】

[Waking up in the morning and reading this kind of news… Donghai Province is finally unwilling to remain silent, so are you going to be a joke to gain attention? 】

[To tell the truth, why are the educational resources in Donghai Province so poor? It stands to reason that the country has also invested a lot, it’s simply… with so much support, pigs can fly from a air outlet. 】

[Jumping beam clown. 】

In previous years’ mathematics winter camp, because the reports were too official, it was always limited to the small circle of competition, and basically no outsiders paid attention. But this year, because reporters took a different approach, they attracted a lot of outsiders.

There were many people coming, and there were always people who didn’t understand what everyone was mocking at. Therefore, insiders will easily learn about the “brilliant” achievements of Donghai Province over the years.

Just like this, it was passed ten, and in the end, everyone knew that Donghai Province had a score of 226 this year and could not find the south, east, north and west, and began to speak arrogantly.


The mocking face instantly radiated from the inside of the circle to the outside, and even Jing Ci became famous.

Generally speaking, when the media reports on the winter camp, except for the representatives of the players who need to speak on the stage and the potential players who are particularly optimistic, they will not take pictures of other people.

However, this incident was too explosive, and Jing Ci’s face was too prominent, the reporters couldn’t help but secretly take a few pictures of him. They picked a high-definition one, and attached it to the news together with the photo of the contestant representative.

As a result, messages exploded in an instant.

【Fuck! ! I can do it, brother! ! Are you in love? ! 】

(T/n: I’m assuming that ‘love’ is somewhat the same as asking if JC is in a relationship)

【My God! So handsome! It just feels a little cold, and it doesn’t look like it’s easy to get close. Are you all so cold in your studies? 】

[This is a math competition, not a beauty competition, okay? Impressed. 】

[So it was Jing Ci’s face that gave them the confidence to lead the team? Hahahahahaha, the whole Donghai Province gives me a very magical feeling. 】

[Speechless, there are some idiots upstairs. This Jing Ci is a vase, right? 】

(T/n: Vase- A good looking person with no talent)

[I don’t pay attention to math competitions, but I have been bored recently, so I’m squatting for a competition result. 】


“Brother Ci…” Zhou Chao looked at Jing Ci cautiously, and suddenly regretted showing him his phone: “Are you alright?”

“It’s alright.” Jing Ci raised his head without any change.


Zhou Chao didn’t believe it, if it was him who was dissed by various netizens, he would have exploded his lungs now.

At this moment, Zhou Chao also forgot about the exam, and couldn’t help complaining: “Mr. Zhao obviously didn’t say that, okay? I don’t know how these people misinterpreted the meaning so much.”

“Yes.” Jing Ci leaned on the back of the chair and said calmly, “Nothing to worry about.”

Growing up, he had heard a lot of ridicule.

Wild child, poor bastard, when he was in elementary school, he also had a nickname called the Scrap Collector, which is a hundred times uglier than what is said on the Internet now, he has long been trained.

Today, there are only two things that can affect him in this world: one is that he did not get first place in the exam when he was well prepared; the second is Ying Jiao.

“Brother Ci!” Zhou Chao gave him a thumbs up and leaned over his shoulder: “Sh*t, I’m suddenly motivated. Brother Ci, let’s do our best on the exam tomorrow. What if we can really enter the national training team?”

Jing Ci smiled: “Okay.”

After arriving at the hotel, Jing Ci ignored the other players’ scrutiny, calmly finished lunch, and returned to his room.


As soon as he put down his schoolbag, Ying Jiao’s phone call came. This time, it was not a voice call, but a video call.

Jing Ci glanced at Zhou Chao, who was bending over to change his shoes, picked up his phone and walked out, and clicked to connect.

“Have you returned to the hotel?” Ying Jiao looked at the background around Jing Ci across the screen and asked.

“Yes,” Jing Ci held up his mobile phone, took a few steps forward, found a place with better lighting, and said, “I received your video invitation as soon as I returned back to my room after dinner.”

Ying Jiao chuckled lightly: “Do we have the same heart connection?”

Jing Ci nodded lightly.

Ying Jiao couldn’t help feeling soft. He didn’t mention the exam. He found a topic at random: “What are you going to do during winter vacation?”

Because he knocked out Qiao Anyan again, he was called by Teacher Liu to the office for a morning lecture, and it was not until noon that his ears were clear. He went out for a meal, and on the way, he browsed the forum to read posts related to Jing Ci, and saw those messy reports.

Afraid that Jing Ci would be affected, Ying Jiao sent a video call specially. After carefully observing his face, he was relieved to see that he was the same as usual.

Jing Ci hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Do my homework at home.”

Ying Jiao looked at his drooping eyelashes thoughtfully, and suddenly smiled: “Just doing homework for so long? That’s not right, how about we go out and play? Which city do you like?”

“Forget it,” Jing Ci shook his head and refused: “I’m going to be in my third year of high school soon, so I have to hurry up and study.”

“Isn’t there still half a year, why is it soon.” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and said, “Old Liu has said that the combination of work and rest can be efficient.”


Jing Ci’s adam’s apple slid up and down, but still refused: “…It’s too cold, it’s better to stay at home.”

During winter vacation, he had to find a job to earn tuition, and he really had no time to go out with Ying Jiao. Moreover, when two people go on a trip, he can’t let Ying Jiao bear the cost.

But now he… can’t afford the money.

Ying Jiao sighed, and without detouring, he said, “Baby, what are you hiding from me?”

From the moment Jing Ci replied to his first sentence, he felt that his expression was a little abnormal, so he deliberately said that they should travel. Sure enough, Jing Ci’s reaction was very wrong.

“No.” Jing Ci lowered his eyes and said softly, “I just don’t think it’s necessary to go out to play now.”

Before that, Jing Ci never felt that it was a shame to have no money. However, now being asked to go out with Ying Jiao, he suddenly felt extremely embarrassed.

If only he was more capable, then he wouldn’t have to disagree to even such a simple request by Ying Jiao.

“Oh, is it?” Ying Jiao knew that if he didn’t ask while the iron was hot today, then Jing Ci would hide deeper in the future, so he could only resolutely say: “You don’t want to hang out with me. Do you want to secretly eat watermelon with your brother Xiao?”

Jing Ci said: “I don’t.”

“Then tell the truth,” Ying Jiao looked at him and said lightly, “What are you hiding from me?”

Jing Ci lowered his head, embarrassed, his cheeks were hot. After a long while, he whispered about Father Jing cutting off his living expenses.


“F*ck! This old bastard!” Ying Jiao kicked the edge of the flower bed fiercely. He suppressed the fire in his heart and said, “How long has it been?”

“Not long, just this month,” Jing Ci comforted him in turn: “Don’t be angry, I still have a scholarship in my hand.”

“You…” Ying Jiao closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down: “Why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing?”

Jing Ci was silent and did not speak.

“It’s really promising,” Ying Jiao looked at him lightly: “Take me as an outsider, right?”

Jing Ci was anxious: “No!”

This kind of thing… this kind of mess, he really couldn’t open his mouth to tell Ying Jiao.

And then say what? Does he reach out and borrow money from Ying Jiao? According to Ying Jiao’s temper, he won’t let him pay it back, but he(JC) can’t be so shameless.

Ying Jiao knew his character, and he could almost guess what he was thinking, and he was so distressed. But the change of personality is not something that can be done in one or two days, and it can only be slowly changed by him in the future.

Ying Jiao calmed down for a moment and asked him softly, “Baby, who am I to you?”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and whispered, “Boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend…” Ying Jiao repeated, and then asked him, “Then are we a family now?”

Jing Ci nodded.

“If we as a family don’t talk, what do you see with me?” Ying Jiao said, “Send me your bank-card number later.” After thinking about it, he said: “Forget it, you can directly use my card.”

Jing Ci’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak, he really didn’t want to take advantage of Ying Jiao.


Ying Jiao sighed, looked at him and said, “Baby, let me tell you one thing, spending your boyfriend’s money is not a disadvantage for me.”

Jing Ci raised his eyes.

Ying Jiao chuckled: “It’s just right.”

He paused and continued: “And my boyfriend, I’m happy to spend money on him, it’s not a problem.”

“Will my boyfriend give me a chance to do this?”

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