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As the days passed, the learning intensity of the training team was also increasing.

There is a four-and-a-half-hour exam every other day. After the exam, they had a meal before continuing to study. There is no free time at all.

At the beginning, Wang Qiong complained to Jing Ci, but in the end, he didn’t even have the strength to complain. After returning to the dormitory in the evening, after washing hastily, he didn’t want to say a word.

However, this persistent fatigue does not disappear after a night’s sleep, but it accumulates psychologically. So much so that the atmosphere of the training team became depressed.

A lot of energy consumption has made Jing Ci’s appetite a lot bigger, and he even changed his habit of not eating much in the morning. After going back in the evening, he has to find extra snacks to support his stomach. But even if he did this, he was still thin.


After handing in the papers for the last time, Jing Ci breathed a long sigh of relief.

The others in the classroom were like him, as if they had finally unloaded their burdens, and lay down on the table in relief.

Obviously it was time to go out to eat, but for a while, no one moved.

The test papers of the training team are not distributed to the team members, and the teacher will not grade the papers. No one knows how they will fare until the final results come out.

Jing Ci put down the pen, straightened his pen bag without any tilt, and walked to Wang Qiong’s seat: “Go for dinner?”

“Give me a hand.” Wang Qiong slumped softly on the chair, and raised an arm.

Jing Ci laughed, reached out and dragged him up: “Let’s go.”

Wang Qiong nodded and walked out side by side with him.

The moment he stepped out of the classroom, Wang Qiong suddenly let out an “ah” without warning, as if he had finally reacted, and said in surprise, “It will be over after today!”


Each test of the training team is in the morning, and they have two self-study sessions in the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow morning will be the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony will announce a round of selection at the same time. After the end, you can leave the team and leave.

“Yes.” Jing Ci replied. During the training, he really drained all his energy and brought out all his potential, so no matter what the result was, he could accept it calmly.

“I want to go home now and sleep in for three days and three nights.” Wang Qiong stretched out his fat palm and looked at Jing Ci: “I think I’m too thin, it’s too torturous.”

He sighed: “It turns out that people are in a hurry, and even fat can give you an exception”

“I want to go home too.” Jing Ci lifted the curtain and walked into the cafeteria.

In the first few days, he still had time to call Ying Jiao and say a few words. Later, he could only contact him through WeChat, and it was often Ying Jiao who messaged him for a few hours before he had time to reply.

He really wanted Ying Jiao, thinking that even if he was surrounded by mathematics, he couldn’t forget this feeling.

“Don’t forget to contact me in the future.” Wang Qiong quickly went to the window to order a meal, waited beside Jing Ci with a dinner plate, and told him: “We are not only comrades in arms, we will still be in the same school in the future.”

“Definitely not.” Jing Ci asked Auntie Window to add two or two meals to him, and walked towards the dining table with Wang Qiong.

“Hey, how did you spend your third year in high school?” Wang Qiong put a piece of spareribs into his mouth and looked at Jing Ci curiously: “Anyway, I don’t plan to stay in school all the time. I plan to play games at home and make up for all that I have missed over the years.”


Jing Ci had never thought about this issue before.

He thought about it seriously and said, “Continue to go to class.”

But the focus should be changed from learning to urging Ying Jiao to learn.

Thinking of Ying Jiao, Jing Ci’s face couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Seeing this Wang Qiong almost doubted himself, is he really so happy to go to school? Or is there something special about his school in Donghai Province?

Jing Ci was waiting for the selection result calmly, but the Jing family on the other side was not so harmonious.

After the news of not giving living expenses to his son born to his ex-wife broke out, father Jing couldn’t stand the strange eyes of his colleagues and applied for resignation with the leader.

Although Father Jing is regarded as a middle-level person in the company, he is not irreplaceable. Leaders quickly agreed to his application, and new recruits were hired during his handover.


When Father Jing left, he wanted to join a new company where no one knew him. He now has a good company platform, and the salary of normal job-hopping will basically increase by a lot.

But he underestimated the power of public opinion.

Jing Ci is good-looking and has good grades. He is also the first competitive student in Donghai Province to enter the national training team, and a proper role model for all students. Such a child who is wanted by parents all over the country was actually abused by his own father. Such a strong contrast of news, how can it not be impressive.

At least in the Internet industry where information spreads rapidly, Father Jing was blacklisted.

Who dares to recruit a person who can be so cruel to his own son? What if they accidentally provoke him one day and he poisons the water dispenser in the office?

The Internet industry has high salary levels, free corporate culture, and good benefits. People who have worked in Internet companies cannot adapt to other industries at all.

In this way, Father Jing began his long road to unemployment. Since he didn’t work or make money, his conflict with Zhao Jinfeng gradually became prominent.


Therefore, the Jing family jumped around during this time. Two days for a little noise, three days for a big noise. That wasn’t all, father Jing lost face because of Jing Ci, so he became ruthless and vowed to cultivate another Tsinghua University student, so Jing Miao suffered.

Being stared at studying every day, and not even allowed to watch his original entertainment time.

Jing Miao was already in a period of rebelliousness, and being under such strict supervision by father Jing, not only did his grades not rise, but instead dropped a lot.

On this day, Jing Miao couldn’t help but secretly go to the high school forum to read about Jing Ci’s news. As soon as he opened a post, his phone was taken away by father Jing.

“You still have the face to play with your mobile phone with such a good grade in the final exam?” Father Jing looked at Jing Miao angrily: “Hurry back to the house to do your homework!”

Jing Miao threw the pillow on the ground with a gloomy face, and threw it back.

“This kid, the older he gets, the more outrageous he gets.” Father Jing complained, looking down at the phone screen.

Father Jing sneered and put the phone on the coffee table.

Zhao Jinfeng just saw it and frowned, “Why are you losing your temper?”

“It’s okay.” Father Jing wiped his face: “I saw someone talking about the training team, and they said that Jing Ci would definitely make it to the next round.”

Father Jing said contemptuously, “Just him?”


Since being ridiculed by Teacher Liu last time, father Jing has made up for the missed out knowledge of mathematics competitions, and finally understands the current stage of Jing Ci.

“Isn’t it a worthless game, and he is still considered a treasure.” Zhao Jinfeng was so jealous that he said sourly: “Let’s see what he will do if he loses this time.”

This Spring Festival relatives came to pay New Year’s greetings, and they all inquired about Jing Ci’s news in secret, but no one cared about Jing Miao at all. Zhao Jinfeng was so angry that she didn’t eat for a day, and wished that something unexpected would happen to Jing Ci and make him fall from the clouds.

“I don’t believe that this time he can continue to have such dog-shit luck!”

There are many people who have the same idea as Zhao Jinfeng, and of course there are also people who sincerely hope that Jing Ci will do good.

The last day of Jing Ci’s training camp happened to be the seventeenth day of the first lunar month, the second day of the provincial experiment.

After the second get out of class in the morning, He Zhou and several people rushed to Ying Jiao’s side and asked him, “Brother Jiao, is Brother Ci already in the opening and closing ceremonies?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao clicked on the browser, and while searching the web page for news related to the closing ceremony of the training team, he said, “It starts at nine o’clock.”

“Ah.” Zheng Que looked up at the wall clock: “It’s been twenty-five minutes!”

He wanted to say something else, but Chen Miaomiao suddenly ran over with her mobile phone in excitement and bumped him directly: “Ahhhh! I found a post about the first round selection of the live training team!”

Ying Jiao immediately raised his eyes to look at her: “Send me the link”

This post was sent by a player who was in the same training team as Jing Ci. Although people were participating in the closing ceremony, because the results were about to be announced, they couldn’t calm down at all. They simply ran to the competition forum and made a post to give back to the public to give themselves a way to calm down.


[Wait, the landlord is a good man, I wish the landlord a good result. 】

[It is 9:26 now. According to the time of previous years, it should be able to come out within ten minutes. 】

[The players from the Big Beidou Province, come on! What kind of dark horse is that in Donghai Province, you are the one! 】

[It will be over after waiting. It’s strange, why are there no people from Donghai Province in the post? Are they not full of confidence? 】

[I heard that this year’s questions are particularly difficult because the results in the international competitions in previous years were not very good. 】

“The question is difficult.” Although he didn’t understand anything, He Zhou was still nervous: “Isn’t that a big disadvantage for Brother Ci?”

“Brother Ci will definitely be fine.” Wu Weicheng, a brain-dead fan, slapped the table firmly and said, “If it was going to be difficult, do you think Jing Ci would be afraid of this?”

He Zhou suddenly said, “Yes. I’m not in the mood right now. Otherwise, I’ll clean up all the brain damage in the post by myself.”

He found a few people to take turns watching the wind at the door. Class 7 students gathered at Ying Jiao’s table, chatting, and holding up their mobile phones to refresh posts and other results.

However, they didn’t know what happened, and the results of this year have not been announced yet.


Not only the people in the post can’t wait, but the students in Class 7 are also anxious.

“Damn, if they don’t come out, we will have class. The next class will be Old Liu’s class!”

“There are 60 people in their training team, right? How long does it take for 60 people to see their results? What kind of efficiency is this! Even Old Liu can’t compare to them!”

“F*ck, I’m more anxious than waiting for my own grades, come out soon…”

But the judges obviously did not hear their voices, and when there were still four minutes before class, the results did not come out. Three minutes, two minutes, still didn’t come out.

The people in Class 7 lost their patience and put down their mobile phones one after another.

“It’s over, it seems we have to wait a while.”

“It’s really a delay, eh.”

Ying Jiao ignored them, his eyes fixed on the screen, maintaining a refresh rate of every few seconds. Finally, one minute before class, he immediately got the shortlist for the second stage of the national training team posted by the landlord.

Under the big red title, it is clearly printed—

Jing Ci, Donghai Province, second year of Donghai Province Experimental Senior High School.

With sharp eyes, He Zhou caught sight of the content on the screen of his mobile phone, and immediately stood up excitedly: “F*ck!!! It’s out!!! Brother Ci is in! In the second round!”


The classroom was quiet for a second, then cheers and applause nearly overturned the ceiling.

“Ah ah ah! My male god is so powerful!”

“My god, brother Ci is awesome.”

“1/19! Brother Ci is powerful.”

“Brother Ci is amazing, the teachers of our school are probably going crazy with joy.”

The class bell had been ringing for a minute, but everyone didn’t notice, and they kept talking excitedly. Fortunately, Teacher Liu didn’t know anything was wrong, he hadn’t arrived yet.

After He Zhou and several people vented, their mood calmed down a little, and suddenly found Hua Dian: “Speaking of which, will Brother Ci not come to school in the future?”

“F*ck!” Zheng Que, the gamer madman’s envious eyes, turned red: “Isn’t this badass? You don’t need to get up early or do quizzes. It’s too comfortable to play games at home every day, isn’t it?”

Ying Jiao glanced at him: “Why wouldn’t he come?”

“No.” Zheng Que didn’t understand: “Brother Ci was recommended, and he only needs to study Olympiad math now, so there is no need to come to school.”

He Zhou nodded in agreement: “Yes, there is no need.”

Ying Jiao clicked on WeChat and sent a message to Jing Ci, put down the phone, raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s necessary.”

He glanced at He Zhou and said slowly: “If he doesn’t come – how can we show affection to you guys?”

He Zhou, Zheng Que, Peng Chengcheng: “…………”

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