TODMBC-(11) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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  Jin Zhao coldly sent the princess off. His rejection and vigilance towards Suya were so obvious that even when the general was not present, the hatred in his eye was not deliberately concealed. His dark eye were filled with ridicule.

  All members of the royal family, for him, are the source of bad luck.

  Princess Suya is sensitive and can naturally feel this, but she didn’t say anything, turned around and got into her car with mixed feelings.

  Jin Zhao turned around, and the people around were pointing at him again. A few servants bumped into him, and as if bumped into a ghost, they frowned in disgust and fled away. But he didn’t care about it at all.

  He will not leave here.


  Even if the General’s little tenderness and compassion could be withdrawn at any time, he would still hold it tightly. He will never leave.

  He went up the steps, went back to the second floor, and sat down on the top floor.

  His silhouette was tall and lonely as he sat on the floor alone.

  Jin Zhao stared at the flowers on the windowsill that were growing well and even spreading their branches into the house, but there was a bit of gloomy air between his eyebrows.

  A creepy and terrifying monster like him has no right to contaminate these flowers. But there is always someone who is worthy. Some people seem to stand in the sun, get all the blessings and love, but it’s still not enough for them, and still not satisfied. They want to take away the last thing he craves—something that will make him tremble at the mere touch of it.

  He was jealous.

  This is not the emotion that should be present in him. It’s like when the general embraced him, gave him food, medicine, and kindness. That’s not something that should be given to him. He has been crawling under the abyss for a long time, and he has had too many horrors. He didn’t expect anyone to stretch out a hand and pull him out.

  But a life-saving straw suddenly appeared in front of him, and he still wanted to grab it, even if his struggle was ugly and ridiculous, he was extremely greedy. He’s got something he’s never had and didn’t expect, and he should be content, but he can’t. He couldn’t be satisfied.

        He wanted more—from that man.


  After Rong Wan finished drinking his cup of tea, he didn’t see the protagonist come back, so he couldn’t help but go out. As soon as he went out, he saw the protagonist sitting at the end of the corridor, motionless.

  Rong Wan didn’t know if he was seeing things, but the warm golden sunlight came in from the window, but it didn’t fall on the protagonist. The back of the protagonist looks dark, as if it will drag the people around him into the abyss at any time.


  The protagonist quickly noticed movement behind him, turned his head to take a look, and the moment his eyes fell on Rong Wan, this gloomy feeling disappeared for a while.

  He stood up and walked towards Rong Wan.

  Rong Wan suppressed his momentary daze in his heart and pointed to the inside of the room: “Come here and help me copy the book.”

  All he put on the table are some floor plans provided by the system and the time when the royal guards are on shift. The royal security was cumbersome. He had these things put out together in a thick pile. Originally, he didn’t really understand the content of the words in this world, so he couldn’t help but ask for help. (T/n: not sure about this part)

      He wants the protagonist to remember these things, and after he gets the pass, he can get the things that belong to him smoothly. But he can’t make it obvious, so he can only make the protagonist remember in this way.

  He believes that the protagonist is smart enough.

  Sure enough, the first moment the protagonist’s eyes swept across the drawings, the expression in the drooping dark eye changed slightly, but he quickly adjusted and returned to his original appearance. His memory is good enough. Even though he has experienced brainwashing several times on the battlefield, he still remembers the scene of entering the royal family when he was a child. At that time, he was able to enter the royal family, he was able to scope out how the royal family wanted the noble children to enter.

  But now, in front of him are those locations that the royal family has never revealed.


  After seeing the protagonist’s reaction, Rong Wan took out a box of things from under his desk, opened it, and said blankly, “Copy that later, take a look at this first.”

  Inside the box were spiritual power balls, transparent and shining with a faint luster.

  Each one is worth a fortune!

  It would be too noticeable if Zhu Jing’s account bought so many mental power balls at once, so Rong Wan let the system invade General Wu Si’s system, and let it unknowingly buy these spirits with General Wu Si’s account. These spiritual balls cost billions of interstellar coins. If the royal family were to investigate during this time, General Wu Si could temporarily delay this for a while.

      Now that the protagonist’s spiritual power source has been deprived, if he was an ordinary person, he would have absolutely no way to absorb these spiritual power balls and replenish his spiritual power.

  But Rong Wan knew that the protagonist was not an ordinary person.

  When he was tied to the gallows in the ending, his mental power suddenly exploded, causing the entire empire to be wiped out, because another source of mental power began to grow in his body!

  This is something that you can’t even think of if this was switched to a different person! After his spiritual power source has long been dug away, he actually formed another one directly!

  Therefore, as long as he keeps replenishing his spiritual power now, the spiritual power source in his body will surely recover as soon as possible. At that time, it will be easy to change the ending of the book.

  Rong Wan deeply felt that now he was just paving the way for the protagonist’s golden fingers to expand, and adding on to the protagonist’s efforts.


  However, the protagonist has not moved for a long time——

  Jin Zhao stared at those spiritual power balls, and his pupils shrank sharply.

  He knew what that meant.

       When he was still in prison, he thought with hatred and despair more than once that if his spiritual power was still there, he would kill those people with his own hands. If not kill, but torture for a long time, inflict the suffering on those people thousands of times as they did to him, and get revenge back. He was not a soft-hearted person.

       But his spiritual power had been taken away long ago, and he did not have the chance.

  However, what is in front of him now is a whole box of spiritual power balls, which to him is more urgently needed than ointment to treat his wounds. The General really spent hundreds of millions of assets to give him all these things? Jin Zhao’s breath stopped for a second, but not because of these spiritual power balls, but because of the person in front of him.

  The General intends to…

  In the worst case, the General felt that the beast(JZ) was difficult to train, so he gave him these spiritual power balls to send him away from the mansion.

  Or maybe it’s just a test, like shoving a dagger into his hand, and test what he’ll do. In any case, he is a threat to the royal family including Princess Suya after all.

  He couldn’t help but tense.

  He stared at the General without saying a word, as if waiting to be sentenced to death, forcibly suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, and looked at the general.

  Until the General spoke up.

  ”I hope you can restore your spiritual strength.”

  ”Then restore your freedom.”


  Rong Wan’s voice was always low and magnetic, mixed with something that was not like General Zhu Jing, but his unique speaking habit. The end of sentence was slightly raised, showing no attack power. After all, he has also played some dramas. He knows that his voice is good, and even with Zhu Jing’s voice, he can clearly convey his emotions.

  Jin Zhao’s dark and curled eyelashes trembled suddenly, and even his soul skipped a second.


  He thought that no one in this world would think that these two words could belong to a person like him, who was born with this sin.


  Rong Wan said again: “Stretch out your hand.”

  It was not the tone of the command, but a unique tone that belongs to the General, conveying that he won’t harm him.

  Jin Zhao’s knuckles moved stiffly. His life was full of violence and suspicion, and he never took the initiative to believe anyone. But now…this person in front of him…

  He stretched out his hand slowly.

  The scars on his hand had completely disappeared, and only the faint traces of them on his pale knuckles still reminded the owner of his misfortune.


  Without any hesitation, Rong Wan took his hand and put it lightly on the spiritual power ball, saying, “Close your eyes.”

       Spiritual power poured into Jin Zhao’s body, which had been lacking spiritual power for a long time, and had long been like a dry exhaust fan.

  Jin Zhao was extremely stiff, but he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

  After closing his eyes, all his senses became sharper. He clearly sensed the temperature and veins of the general’s palm that was attached to the back of his cold hand.

  —The General took his hand again. It was not disgusting at all.

  He shivered slightly, and across the warm skin, he could clearly hear the blood flowing from the general’s palm, which was hot enough to melt everything. That feeling made him addicted in an instant, and a crazy desire suddenly surged in his heart.

  Jin Zhao suddenly opened his eyes, but the general hadn’t opened his eyes yet.

  He stared at the general’s face, his eye greedily and obsessively traced the other’s outline.

  - It would be nice if I could have him.

  - It would be nice if I could keep him.


  Rong Wan could feel that after replenishing some spiritual power, the spiritual power source in the protagonist’s body suddenly grew wildly like a wild grass rooted in a desolate place encountering spring rain. Originally, the protagonist was the most hardworking person in the world, and he only needed to pry a few bricks on his head to make him breathless, and he would become even stronger.

  Before he gets the energy source, he may be able to restore back his state when no one can stop him.


  With Zhu Jing’s physical and spiritual power, he was able to suppress the protagonist when he first saw him covered in scars. But after the protagonist had taken two spiritual power balls, Rong Wan felt that his insanely growing spiritual power was almost equal to that of Zhu Jing——

  This is by no means all due to the spiritual power ball, but he(JZ) himself has the most tenacious power to resist fate.

  Rong Wan read his seven million words of suffering, and saw his struggles and hatred, but he never saw him give up and surrender to fate.

  Rong Wan saw that the protagonist’s face had obviously lost a lot of paleness, and he was suddenly a little proud of the protagonist.

  He let go of his hand, handed the box of spiritual power balls and blueprints to the protagonist, and said indifferently, “All cleaning will be done after I leave the house. When I’m in the house, you can come to my room to copy it.”

  Jin Zhao was stunned and nodded.

  ——In this way, I can often enter and leave the general’s room.

  ”That’s all for today, go out.” Rong Wan finished drinking the coffee in the cup, put it on the table, then walked to the window, picked up the watering bucket, and took care of the flowers by himself.

  After all, after being in this world for so long, in addition to contacting the protagonist and finding a way to complete the task, He was so bored that he could only grow flowers and plants.

  Jin Zhao stood behind him for a while, and his eyes fell on the cup on the table.


       His throat moved, and he picked up the cup unexpectedly.

  After closing the door, Jin Zhao stood in the corridor, his fingertips unconsciously rubbing the traces of the general’s lips on the cup. His fingertips were hot. There was also a hint of longing on his pale and gloomy face.

  At this moment, he was finally very clear about his desires.

  He wanted to hold onto that person as if he were his last straw.

  Be it a slave, be a weapon, and drive away the people around him like flies, he will use all means.


  In the next few days, in order to allow the protagonist to concentrate on absorbing spiritual power, Rong Wan tried his best to push away those annoying military affairs and stay in the mansion. But he didn’t know if it’s his illusion. The number of times the protagonist appears in front of him has increased significantly, far more than the previous half a month, and it was unusual. When the protagonist was first brought back by him, he didn’t even look at him, even if he bumped into him occasionally, all kinds of hatred and gloom were mixed in it, and now—

  Early in the morning.

       Rong Wan is a person who is used to sleeping late when he was in his world before. But this world’s Zhu Jing is obviously not. His body woke up when the sky was still bright, but his consciousness hadn’t woken up yet. He sat up on the bed, still a little dazed.

  The door was knocked lightly three times, and Rong Wan subconsciously said, “Come in.”


  With sleepy eyes, he watched the protagonist walk in with an iron, took out a few sets of uniforms from the closet and started ironing, the steam slowly rose, his technique was not very familiar, and even a little stiff, but he was soon finished. Immediately, the protagonist took the uniform and military boots he usually wears and knelt down on one knee beside the bed.

  Rong Wan didn’t realize what the protagonist was going to do—

  The protagonist began to hold his hand and put his uniform on, followed by pants and shoes.

  Before he could realize this, the protagonist was already putting his boots on him, his right foot was resting on the protagonist’s knee, and the protagonist had his head bowed, from his point of view he could only see the protagonist’s star-black eyebrows and silver mask, but the expression of the protagonist could not be seen.

  Rong Wan who woke up in a flash: ? ? ?

  Rong Wan didn’t dare to retract his foot, because the protagonist was holding his ankle with neither light nor heavy strength, his mind went blank, and he hurriedly contacted the system: “What is the protagonist doing? Isn’t this what a slave would do? Doesn’t he hate being treated as a slave the most? Also, cnm, didn’t I find the heroine for him?!”

  The system hesitated: “…”

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  The author has something to say: 

       Jin Zhao: God, I ask for nothing, please give him to me.

  God: I have arranged it.

  Rong Wan: I think… (people who have no right to speak are dragged out)

  Princess Suya and Lu Sujun: cnm, I think not! ! ! !

  System: (hesitates)


  Our protagonist finally knows his ultimate goal, and it’s time to act.

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